Our farm animals

The Farm Holiday Corte Olfino is addressed to all the people who, during their stay with us, are willing to discover the possibility to live surrounded by green areas and in tranquility by experimenting a direct, lively and concrete contact with Nature and our animals.

Our Farm Holiday gives our guests the opportunity to let their kids remind and relive those values from the countryside civilization which used to keep people unite, allowing at the same time to find again the spaces, the colours, the luminosity from the countryside of our Morenic Hills that are drawn by the Seasons’ subsequence which brings us back to sensations of physical pleasure and inner peace.

In our countryside’s calm, adults and children may admire our Farm Holiday’s animals which, according to the Season, live in absolute freedom or they can be admired inside their own proper fence.

Various species can be found such as chickens and ducks which dive into a brook, turkeys, peafowls, a mini pig and 2 horses.
We often don’t realize that we own treasures. Everything we’re surrounded by is a gift that makes our life a wonder: one of the greatest joys is to be able to share with others our wonder.
We’re waiting for You!

Fotogallery: our animals


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